Coke Clues Recap

Coke Clue #1 (Wednesday Dec 6th)
We did not hide the key away in a building or behind a fence, it’s not covered by any structure, it’s exposed to all the elements, we hope that makes sense.

Coke Clue #2 (Thursday Dec 7th)
Some hide their treasure, we hid the key, we could have buried it in the dirt, but instead nailed it to a tree.

Coke Clue #3 (Friday Dec 8th) Everybody has a different gait & a pace for one is different than another, take 50 paces off the path & the key you will discover.

Coke Clue #4 (Saturday Dec 9th) 

I didn’t hide the key in the dark, so you could find it at the midnight hour. I hung it on a tree that I found close to power.

Coke Clue #5 (Sunday Dec 10th)

It’s CHRISTmas not X-Mas and It marks the spot.

Coke Clue #6 (Monday Dec 11th)

35 is tomorrow’s low. Burr that’s cold. If you have a fireplace, I think you should have stocked up on the wood.

The key was Found, it was hidden at… WOODSTOCK CHURCH PCB!

God Loves You!!